The Rainy Season One of the major causes of accidents is the weather; heavy rain is no exception. The first rains of the season have come and slippery and flooded roads can prove dangerous to motorists. Proper maintenance of your vehicle is an important step towards ensuring your safety on the road. To prevent undesirable outcomes, it is important to focus on the one part that comes in direct
contact with the roads—the tyres—to ensure that you drive safely during this rainy season.
Here are some tips to help you care for your tyres.
1. Check the surface of your tyres
Wet roads can cause tyres to lose the level of traction when rubbing against the road, leading
to aquaplaning and slipping. Every week, check the depth of your tyre grooves.
2. Check the tyre pressures
Ensure that the air pressures in your tyres are up to standard; don’t just fill them as you like.
Check the manual or instruction sticker on the dashboard or fuel tank cap for the ideal amount for your car.
3. Use the right tyres for your car you may want to modify your car and switch it up, but ensure that the tyres you’re using are
suitable for your driving style and type of car. Also, change thin or expired tyres to avoid any safety hazards